The best jeans for older men

Written by melissa busse | 13/05/2017
The best jeans for older men
Your perfect pair of jeans should be comfortable, yet stylish. (man image by Valentin Mosichev from

Everyone loves a good pair of blue jeans. They're comfortable, durable and always in style. Sometimes though, the perfect pair of blue jeans can be hard to find. Older men, in particular, may have difficulty finding their ideal pair. When shopping for the perfect pair of blue jeans for an older man, there are a few important things to keep in mind, including colour, fit, style and washing instructions.


The best jeans for older men
Blue jeans come in many different colour options. (jeans for sale image by Ramona smiers from

There are several colour choices available for jeans. Most stores will carry jeans in dark blue, medium blue, light blue and even white. When shopping for jeans for an older man, keep in mind the situations he will likely be wearing the jeans. If he plans on dressing them up, a darker blue jean presents a dressier look. If he plans on working in them, a medium-tint work jean may be the sturdiest option. Consider the rest of his wardrobe as well, since he will prefer that the blue jeans coordinate with his other clothes.


The best jeans for older men
It is important to make sure the waistband of your jeans is not too tight. (jeans close up image by jess welter from

The fit of the trousers is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for jeans for an older man. Take measurements to ensure the trousers you choose are a comfortable fit. Measure the inseam carefully to ensure the new trousers won't be too short or too long. A pair of blue jeans with a bit of lycra or spandex in the fabric will ensure a bit of a stretch, offering a bit of extra comfort and flexibility. Make sure the trousers you buy are preshrunk in order to avoid them shrinking when washed for the first time.


The best jeans for older men
The style of jeans you choose depends on the situations in which you plan to wear them. (blue jeans boy image by Photosani from

Some older men may prefer blue jeans with an elastic waist. This makes the trousers much more comfortable and allows the man a greater range of movement, without causing discomfort. Older men that work on heavy-duty projects, such as automotive work, will want a pair of blue jeans that offer stain-resistance and extra durability. If the older man wants to wear the jeans in a variety of situations, find a pair that offer basic, straight-leg styling that will last from season to season.

Washing Instructions

The best jeans for older men
Being able to wash your jeans at home is much easier than taking them to be dry cleaned. (laundry image by timur1970 from

Most older men prefer blue jeans that can be easily cared for. Check the care label of the blue jeans before you purchase them to ensure the trousers can be easily washed and dried at home. Even if the blue jeans you purchase claim they can be washed and dried without any fuss, you may want to wash them inside out. This will ensure the colour doesn't fade and the fabric stays looking new. Also, hanging them on a clothesline to dry will help them to last longer, particularly if they have elastic in the seams.

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