Parts for a Pool Water Slide

Adding a water slide to your swimming pool can mean hours of entertainment for the entire family during the hot summer months. Pool water slides are typically made to be used with in-ground pools, and can easily be mounted to the deck surrounding the pool. While they can be a great deal of fun, it is important to understand a slide's parts so you can ensure that all the components are in good condition and riders are not in any danger.


The main part of a swimming pool slide is the slide itself. Slides are typically made of fibreglass, but polythene, acrylic and other strong plastics may be used as well. They also come in a variety of shapes and lengths. Many curve either left or right to ensure that they will fit in the deck area that surrounds the pool. Most slides are either blue or white, but some companies offer them in other colours, such as black or red. They generally have lower walls than the slides at water parks, and can be purchased with slight bends or slopes. Slides are also available that feature corkscrew turns for more adventurous swimmers.


All pool slides require a ladder so swimmers can access the slide. The ladder must be securely attached to the slide portion to ensure swimmers' safety. Slide ladders may be made of hard plastic to match the slide, stainless steel or aluminium. The ladders have hand rails as well, so riders can steady themselves as they climb to the top of the slide.


For safety reasons, a pool slide must be securely fastened to the ground so it does not wobble or turn over. There are generally two methods for anchoring the slide. In some cases, holes are drilled into the deck and the legs of the slide and ladder are set into the concrete. With other slides, anchors are sunk into the concrete surrounding the pool and the slide and ladder are attached to them. Most slides use metal anchors to connect the slide's legs and ladder to the deck. They usually use washers and nuts to ensure that the ladder is securely fastened to the concrete.

Water Delivery System

Many pool slides must be connected to a water source so that the surface of the slide is slick enough for riders to slide down without being injured. The slide's flume provides water that continually flows down the sides of the slide. Most flumes usually utilise a regular outdoor water faucet or garden hose, but require additional plumbing assembly to connect to the water source. The plumbing typically attaches to the bottom of the flume so the garden hose may be attached to the pipes. Some slides may require a more complex plumbing assembly, so be sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines before installing your slide.

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