Ideas for an Iron Man birthday cake

Updated August 11, 2017

The popularity of the "Iron Man" movies has made him a staple at children's birthday parties. If you cannot bring Iron Man to your party, you can still put him on your cake. It completes the theme and can turn you into the superhero of the party, as well as making the birthday boy or girl very happy.

Helmet cake

This cake idea makes sure that Iron Man shows up to the party in a big way. Search online for an image for Iron Man's mask, and print it out. Bake a rectangular red velvet cake--you can purchase the cake mix at any grocery store. Dye cream-cheese frosting yellow using food colouring, or just use yellow frosting. Use the image as a pattern to paint Iron Man's helmet with the frosting. Use either the frosting or candy lettering to write "Happy Birthday" and the child's name.

Scene cake

This cake idea has the added bonus of incorporating presents or party favours. Watch "Iron Man" or "Iron Man 2" for scene ideas. Bake a rectangular cake and decorate it as the background of a favourite scene with different colour frosting. You do not have to be too specific: most of the attention will be on the toppings. You can frost it with earth tones and maybe blue for a partial sky. Place Iron Man action figures on top of the cake, which either the birthday child can keep or which other children can take home as party favours. Use a lighter colour frosting to write out a birthday message on the cake.

Iron Man body cake

Bake another rectangular cake. Go online and find an image of the full Iron Man armour. Print it out and use it to sketch the full body armour on the cake with yellow and red frosting. Use a darker frosting, like chocolate, for the background colour. Use a lighter frosting, maybe the red or yellow or both, to write a birthday message on the cake.

Power supply cake

This is a variation on the helmet cake. Either use the red velvet cake, or another type of cake, possibly yellow cake. Cover the cake in red frosting except the middle part, where you will draw and fill in a triangle with light blue frosting (representing Iron Man's heart and power supply from the second movie). You could also find an image online of the power source from the first movie, which was circular with a series of outlying dots on it. Use the light blue frosting on this one also, but separate the pieces of the power supply with a black or chocolate frosting.

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