Products to Neutralize Ammonia in Dog Urine on Grass

Updated February 21, 2017

Dog urine can not only be a problem inside the house but outside as well, especially when your dog eliminates on the lawn. Although your dog defecating in grass causes little damage, the ammonia in dog urine can cause grass to take on a yellow appearance or die over time. To prevent this, there are products available that can help neutralise dog urine and keep your lawn from suffering ill effects.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice with salt in it has been found to be an effective, all-natural remedy for neutralising the ammonia in dog's urine. For this method, add a half cup of tomato juice to one cup of the dog's dry food to moisten.The salt content in the juice will cause your dog to drink more water, without causing damage to their health, thus further diluting their urine, and the pH content of the juice can help lower the acidity of your dog's urine.


In order to avoid changing the dog's diet, use water, which is an inexpensive method to help prevent nitrogen waste damage to the lawn. Soak the area with plain water where the dog urinated to dilute the ammonia. Avoid watering the entire lawn every time the dog urinates and just concentrate on the affected area as overwatering can damage the whole lawn.


Supplements containing certain chemicals and digestive enzymes are a popular product for dog urine-related lawn problems, like urine scent and grass damage. These supplements can neutralise the ammonia in urine before the dog urinates on the lawn. For example Nutri-Vet Grass Guard tablets, which contain dl-methionine a chemical that can help neutralise nitrogen waste in your dog's urine, are taken daily and can be added to your dog's food with no effect on your pet's health. Find these supplements at most pet stores, such as Petsmart.

Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's yeast is another ingredient that can be added to the dog's food in order to help lessen the acidity of urine. Add 2 teaspoonsful to the dog's meal daily. Never use the brewer's yeast method with other dietary methods, such as the tomato-juice method or supplement method, as that would upset the dog's digestive tract by combining treatments.

Spray Treatments

There are lawn sprays made specifically to counteract the effects of ammonia spots that are already in a lawn. Dogonit Lawn Treatment is one brand to consider. Once the lawn is fully restored, retain that look by immediately spraying areas when the dog eliminates. These kinds of products can be located at most garden or pet stores.

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