Gifts for Parents on the First Day of Preschool

Written by stacey price | 13/05/2017
Gifts for Parents on the First Day of Preschool
The first day of preschool can be scary for children and parents. (little preschooler image by Renata Osinska from

Preschool is a big adventure and a new milestone for both the parent and the child. Often the parents suffer just as much from separation anxiety as the child when it comes to leaving their precious little children in the care of another person. To help ease the anxiety of the first day of preschool, give them a gift to remind them their children are in good hands.

Poem for Parents

Create a poem about parents and their child's first day at school. The poem should help them reflect on a parent's love and the importance of letting a child grow and flourish. If you can't write one yourself, find one online or in a book that you can use. Remember the importance of acknowledging the author by including his name at the bottom of the poem. Once the poem is complete, print it on colourful paper and frame it. As parents leave, hand them a framed poem. It will serve as a nice reminder throughout the day about the cycle of life.

Parent Care Packages

Create a parent care package. Include a schedule of activities that will be taking place throughout the day. This can give the parents an idea of what will be happening throughout the day. Include a sample progress report or report card, a small pack of tissues to wipe the tears away, and a tea bag for a cup of comforting tea. Put these items in a zip-close bag and attach a little note thanking them for entrusting their child to your care.

Picture Perfect

Create a little mini portrait studio in the classroom on the first day of school. Get a toy chest, add some fun hats, props and boas. As parents and their children come in, have them choose an item from the chest and put it on so you can photograph them. You may need to bring in some extra help to manage the crowd and to help things go smoothly. Print out the photo, place it in a frame and give it to the parents as they leave. This makes a special keepsake.

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