How to Identify Features of Modern Telephone Systems

Updated April 17, 2017

Telephones have changed a lot over time, and over the past few years in particular. Modern telephone systems offer more efficient, advanced features than older phone systems. You can take advantage of these features if you recognise them and learn how to properly use them.

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of callers before answering the phone. Whether you are screening your calls at home or want to better manage business calls, the caller identification feature can help.

Voicemail services allow callers to leave you an audio message when you cannot answer the phone directly.

Conference calling allows multiple people to join the same call. This feature particularly helps businesses by allowing multiple employees to collaborate on the same call no matter where each person is located.

Press the "Hold" button to place a caller on hold while you take another call or perform other tasks. You can even choose to have music turn on automatically for callers put on hold.

Call forwarding allows you to send a call from one phone to another, for example from one office phone to another or from your home phone to a cell phone.

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