Primary School Football Drills

Updated March 23, 2017

Coaching football for kids in primary or elementary school means more than just teaching the fundamentals of the game. Kids learn the basics of fair play, sportsmanship and playing within the rules from their coaches. Because football is an aggressive and highly physical sport, they also learn basic safety. Football drills designed for kids can help young players learn all these lessons as they also learn their basic skills.

Quarterback Drills

Young quarterbacks need to develop their throwing arm. One of the best drills for this is the traditional practice of throwing a football through a tire hanging from a tree or other tall object. The open space in the middle of the tire is just the right size to help a quarterback hone his throw. This drill teaches throwing for accuracy. If you swing the tire back and forth, it also teaches throwing toward a moving target.

Balloon Toss Drill

Sometimes boys do not want to run full out during a football team practice. A great drill to force them to run and to help them learn broken-field running is to have a lot of people, perhaps all the team parents, throw water balloons at the players as they run up and down the field. The players have to weave and dodge, and run very fast to avoid the balloons. The last dry player wins the drill.

Cross Drill

In the Cross Drill, a receiver runs down the field and across the path of a defensive player as the quarterback throws the ball toward both players. The defensive player waves his arms, yells and tries to distract the receiver from catching the ball. This drill teaches concentration and focus in the presence of visual distraction.

Wide Receiver Drill

In this drill, wide receivers position themselves about 5 yards from the sidelines. The quarterback throws toward them, forcing them to run to catch the ball. This drill helps wide receivers get a sense of where the sidelines are during a game, and helps them concentrate on catching the ball rather than on where their feet are.

Bull in the Ring Drill

In the Bull in the Ring Drill, one player stands in a circle surrounded by other players. One of the players in the circle catches the ball and runs across the middle of the circle. The player in the middle tries to tackle him. If he succeeds, the player who got tackled takes his place in the middle of the ring. This drill teaches tackling skills.

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