Equipment & tools for a dental hygienist

Updated April 17, 2017

Dental hygienists rely on various tools and equipment to treat their patients. Regular cleanings and examinations are an important part of oral health, and dental tools help dentists and hygienists keep your teeth healthy and strong. Some dental tools are basic to all dentists and hygienists, while others are only for specific areas of dentistry. Tools and equipment make a patient's mouth more accessible for examination and treatment.

Mouth Mirror

Dental hygienists use this hand-held mirror to see different angles inside of a patient's mouth. The head of the mirror is round and is a helpful tool for viewing back teeth. The mirror also reflects light on hard to see areas of your mouth making it easier for the hygienist to see. A mouth mirror also makes it easy to move your tongue and cheek out of the way while examining teeth.

Slow Speed Polisher

Hygienists use this hand-held tool during tooth cleaning appointments. The small, spinning, polishing cup is the final step in cleaning and polishing teeth. This tool covers more of your tooth's surface easily cleaning below the gum line and even between teeth.

Saliva Ejector

A disposable saliva ejector helps dentists and dental hygienists control moisture and saliva in a patient's mouth as they work. This tool acts like a vacuum providing a low volume of suction to remove saliva, blood and other excess liquids to keep your mouth clear as the dentist or dental hygienist works.

Dental Burs

Hygienists use dental burs to fill in cavities or repair breaks and chips on a tooth's surface. They also help dental hygienists smooth and polish the surface of a tooth, and can help extract the tissue inside of a tooth during a root canal or other restorative process.

Radiograph Equipment

Most dental hygienists use radiograph equipment to view X-rays of their patient's teeth. X-rays provide the dentist and hygienist with a panoramic view of your mouth. This makes it easier to pinpoint potential problems.

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