Games & Ideas for Ladies' English Tea Parties

A tea party for women can be a formal or casual way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether you're planning a fancy Victorian high tea, or a casual backyard tea party, choose a game or two to lighten the mood and help guests get to know one another. English tea time parties are often held in the afternoon, and light snacks are served.

Name That Tea

Host a tea tasting contest and see which of your guests can identify the most fragrant herbal teas. True English tea isn't herbal, but many people enjoy the taste of chamomile, jasmine, rose, lavender, rooibos and other herbal teas. As a bonus, herbal teas are often naturally caffeine-free. Reward the winner with bath salts, a kitchen gadget or even a tiara to wear throughout the party.

Perfect Strangers

If you plan to invite several guests who don't know one another, a "getting to know you" game might help them find something to talk about. Before the party, place an adhesive name tag label on each guest's back with a celebrity's name. Be creative with the celebrities you choose. Cartoon characters, singers, political figures and fictional characters may be used, as long as a majority of your guests will know who they are. Tell your guests that they're to guess whose name is on their own back based on the input of other partygoers, who are not allowed to discuss the labels. For example, you may greet a guest with Oprah Winfrey's name on her back by saying "Thank you for starting the book club, I've enjoyed each selection." As you can imagine, greeting people with such random statements leaves them scrambling for a courteous response and can create a very warm atmosphere.

Centrepiece Raffle

"Share the wealth" of your centrepieces by holding a table-by-table raffle. Place a sticker under the saucer of one guest at each table and announce, near the end of the party, that the guest with the sticker gets to take home the centrepiece. If it's a charity party, you can auction off the centrepieces, or sell tickets for a drawing.

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