Cheats for Joe Sluggerball in Roller Coaster Tycoon Gold

Written by k.c. morgan
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Roller Coaster Tycoon: Gold Edition, or Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, takes the amusement park-building sim even further. For the first time, it has stunning 3D graphics. The game also introduces VIP guests whom you must please. Of the important guests, Joe Sluggerball is one of the hardest to keep happy. You will find him in the La La Land challenge. Cheats and tips will make it easier to get past the scenario.

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Themed Objects

Joe Sluggerball wants to spend his time in an Adventure-themed amusement park. Because the La La Land scenario introduces a second VIP guest that you must keep happy, you'll want to keep your Adventure area separate from other areas of the park.

Joe Sluggerball's area should contain themed items from the Adventure set only; do not mix and match objects from other themes. Protect the area with bushes, foliage and other decorations so that Joe Sluggerball won't see past his own Adventure area. Adding lots of attractive scenery inside and on the edges of the area will make Joe Sluggerball happier.

Pool Party

Add a small water park feature to the area where Joe Sluggerball is spending his time. The pool area does not have to be large. Add a few ladders, diving boards, hot tubs and a lifeguard to make the area usable for all guests, and make sure the pool area is within the area where Joe is walking around. His mood should improve once he gets inside the swimming pool.

Roller Coaster

Joe Sluggerball will be a lot happier if you place a roller coaster within his area. The ride should have an excitement rating of 5 for the best results. Create a water coaster to capitalise on the adventure theme, and surround the area with scenery to make the park more visually appealing. Include standard amenities, such as rest rooms and food stalls, so Joe Sluggerball will have everything he needs.

Cheat Codes

Most of the guests in your Roller Coast Tycoon park will not be VIPs, just ordinary visitors who want to have a good time inside the world you created. Left-click on a guest and change his name in order to enable different cheat codes. It's not possible to change Joe Sluggerball's name to make him instantly happy, but you can use cheats to improve the moods of the guests around Joe and make the park run more efficiently. By improving Joe Sluggerball's environment, you'll help to boost the VIP's mood.

Name a guest Frontier to keep all rides from breaking down, so the entire park operates smoothly the entire time Joe Sluggerball is inside. Earn money by naming a guest John D Rockefeller, and gain more funds to buy scenery and other elements to improve Joe's area.

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