Junior High Youth Group Games and Activities

Written by tiffany roget
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Junior High Youth Group Games and Activities
Playing games is a great way to encourage socialising among youth. (games in nature image by .shock from Fotolia.com)

Playing games as a group offers young minds an opportunity to practice communication skills, to compromise and to learn how to allow other individuals to discover themselves through leadership. Whether the sun is shining and you're interested in heading outside or are cooped up indoors, various ideas and options are available to help time quickly pass. Encourage kids to elect different team captains for each game to ensure inclusion of all players.

Belly Button War

Whether you're playing with young children, tweens or teens, Belly Button War is a challenging game that encourages shy youth to interact and offers those more boisterous and confident a chance to try their hand at practicing stealth exact moves. This game is also appropriate for groups of varying sizes. To begin, divide players into two groups and hand each team a roll of duct tape--a different colour for each team. Next, instruct all participants to tear off the same size piece of tape and affix it to their shirts immediately over their belly buttons. After one person acting as referee shouts "Go!" both teams merge, attempting to pull tape off opposing team members. The last teammate standing with tape intact wins on behalf of his group.

Pickle Torpedoes

Pickle Torpedoes encourages young people of all ages to get silly and express themselves through uninhibited play. This game can be played indoors or outside and requires only a space large enough to accommodate a small-sized, square, rolled out tablecloth. Divide the group into two teams. Tape a line down the middle of the tablecloth, extending onto the carpet to create starting point launch lines. Next, instruct all players to line up behind their teammates and hand out a small pickle spear to the first person. As the entire group shouts, "Launch!" each person with a pickle shoots his pickle out of his mouth as far as he can across the tablecloth. Each member of each team takes a turn. At the end, all of the recorded distances are tallied to see which team totalled the highest combined distance.


Ditch is an active game for kids of varying ages. It can be played with a middle to large size group, requires one person to act as spotter and demands a large play area. To begin, instruct participants that one player is to be designated "It" as in a hide and seek game. The "It" person closes her eyes and counts to 20 as all other players hide. The twist is that, until the seeker visually locates and identifies a player, all players have the option of ditching their current hiding spots in search of new ones and can move around as long as they wish until caught. The last person left standing wins.

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