Easy Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Updated April 17, 2017

Charities are always in need of funds--and for good reason. The more money a charity has, the better it can achieve whatever mission it has set out for its organisation. Before a charity can help anyone, it needs to raise necessary funds to empower its followers. There are a variety of ways to raise money for your particular charity.

Car Wash

One of the most frequently touted ideas to raise money for charity is a car wash. At first, it may not seem a profitable undertaking. However, car washes are often an effective way to raise plenty of money, and fairly quickly. The key is location. Pick a high-traffic spot in a well-to-do area. Choose a Saturday when people are out and about running errands. Consider calling it free, and taking only donations. People frequently pay more if they can give a donation rather than pay a flat fee.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a highly effective method for raising money for charity. Set up a baked goods display at a sporting event, near a shopping mall or even in your neighbourhood. Place signs in the area directing traffic to your bake sale. Be sure to display the name of your charity and all the good it does.

Multi-Family Garage Sale

Talk to other members of your charity, or other people interested in raising money for a particular charity, and discuss the idea of holding a multi-family garage sale. The bigger the event, the more customers you will attract. Place a classified ad in your local newspaper announcing that your garage sale is a multi-family sale and benefits a charity. List as many types and categories of items as possible.

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