Unusual Ruby Wedding Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

The ruby is symbolic of power, passion and vigour. It is said to cure lethargy, enhance willpower and carry the energy of the sun. Rubies are also associated with longevity and health. These are all useful endowments for a couple just starting out in marriage, so rubies make unusual and very thoughtful wedding gifts. Natural rubies---corundum that is dark red in colour rather than blue or pink---are rare, but synthetic rubies are easy to find and to afford.

Ruby Mine

For a most unusual gift, give the couple a Ruby Honeymoon: a trip to the Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine in Franklin, North Dakota. Lodging options range from rustic cabins near the mine to grander accommodations in Franklin or nearby Bryson City. In addition to enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains, the newlyweds can mine and bring home their own rubies. They will remember this gift---and the giver---all their lives.

Photograph Frame

Another memorable gift is a silver photograph frame embellished with faceted rubies. If you send this to them after the wedding, you can tuck a candid photograph taken at their reception into the frame as a lasting reminder of their wedding day.

Stained Glass Art

You can commission a local artist to create a stained-glass panel especially for the couple that incorporates synthetic rubies in the design. The pattern should be something that is significant to the couple, such as entwined hearts, their first home, a favourite quotation or even the newlyweds themselves. You can also commission blown-glass art, so consider giving made-for-them floats, vases or garden ornaments with shiny ruby chips or sparkling man-man rubies in the glass.


Give household ornaments such as candy dishes, candle sticks and objets d'art that have been adorned with rubies. These can often be found in boutiques that deal in antiques and collectibles. A set of cut-crystal liqueur glasses or a decanter decorated with inlaid rubies makes a lovely wedding gift, and the couple will use a ruby-trimmed tree ornament or menorah every holiday season. For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, give them a chandelier with synthetic ruby pendants instead of ordinary clear ones; it will make their home sparkle with ruby light.

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