DIY Patio Cover Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If your patio is just a little too sunny to love, adding and creating a cover for your patio space can make the area a more usable and functional space. You can make a patio cover from a variety of materials, including wood or fabric. Before you begin your project, decide whether you want your patio cover to be a permanent fixture or easily removed.

Create a Canopy

For a simple, removable patio cover option, create a canopy. Attach at least two hooks or rings to your house or another immovable object close to your patio, like a tall fence. Get a tarp or a large piece of outdoor, water-resistant fabric, and attach the corners to the hooks or rings. You may need to cut holes in the corners of your fabric. If you have rings, use a carabiner clip, which you can get at most retail or sporting goods stores, to attach the fabric to the rings. Depending on the size of your canopy, you may need to add additional rings in between the two corners. On the other end, place two posts or tall stakes in large potted planters, and hang the other end of the canopy from the stakes. For more stability, add additional rings to the posts with which to attach the canopy.

Build an Overhang

If your patio is right beside your house, build a permanent overhang. Attach and build a simple roof off the side of your house with wood. Keep in mind, building an overhang may require tearing up part of your patio to create space to bury posts on the side of the overhang opposite your house. You can use a variety of materials for the roof, including plastic, metal, or other types of sheet roofing. You may also need a building permit.

Add a Pergola or Arbor

For a more rustic covering, build an arbor or pergola to cover all or part of your patio. Add planters filled with climbing plants to let nature create shade over the next few years. You can wind vines throughout the open roof to add shade, or purchase wide strips of fabric in one or more colours to weave through the pergola or arbor to create a colourful effect.

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