European Party Themes

Updated July 19, 2017

Add a little culture to your party by giving it a European theme. Your theme can be reflected in the decorations, invitations, food and drink, activities, favours and even dress. If the party is a bon voyage event, even the gifts can be destination-themed. The various European countries and cities each have individual iconic attributes that can be translated into party features.


A British-themed party can go several different ways. You can choose specific works, like Harry Potter, Charles Dickens, James Bond or the Spice Girls as your party's theme, or you can go with a general Great Britain theme, decorating with Union Jacks and serving fish and chips. Or you could throw a royalty-themed high tea. Activities can include trivia games about the English Isles, their history and the pop culture that has emerged from them. Your theme can be as vague or specific as you'd like it to be. Indicate on your invitation how you want your guests to dress and whether they're expected to bring Brit-themed gifts or contributions.


A French or Parisian-themed party can be set up like a sidewalk cafe, with plenty of Eiffel Tower decorations and foods like Croque Monsieurs (a kind of open-faced ham sandwich), crepes and, for the daring, escargot. Wine, fancy bottled waters and cafe au lait can be served when it comes to drinks, and desserts can be a collection of mousses, pastries and gateaus. Guests also can come dressed in striped shirts and berets.


A German-themed party is likely to be centred around beer and brats. Meat, potatoes, pretzels and bread will likely make up the menu, with a sampler of German beers for the adults and root beer for the kids. The room can be decorated with German flags, castle-themed pieces and, if you can find one, a cuckoo clock. Costumes can include beer-maid dirndil get-ups and lederhosen.


If you choose to host a night in Italy, the only problems you'll have with the menu will be narrowing down your delicious options. Desserts can include tiramisu, gelato and spumoni, and you'll want to make sure you have a good wine selection. Decorate your tables with red checkered tablecloths, candles and jars of crunchy breadsticks. If you're throwing the party outdoors, use string lights for a romantic effect. Playing a few CDs of Italian music will complete the atmosphere.

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