Suggestions for party favors for 9-year-olds

Updated February 21, 2017

Nine-year-olds are ending the middle years of childhood and beginning the preteen years, according to Most children this age love their friends and parties alike. In fact, age 9 is a great age, because the children are still young enough to enjoy silly, fun items, making it very easy to choose party favours for them.

Sweet Treats

It's almost a given that a 9-year-old is going to love anything sweet that is given to him. Gum, hard candy, chocolate and other candies are all good ideas for party favours. Novelty items, such as tiny gumball dispensers, or collectable Pez holders are especially popular with children. Gift cards to favourite food stores, such as fast-food restaurants, will probably also be appreciated.

Toys and Crafts

Slip some small toys into the goody bags. Small toys make excellent party favours. Yo-yos, hand puzzles and decks of cards are all good choices. Craft items are also popular with 9-year-old children. A set of markers, a pretty notebook, some sheets of stickers and glitter pens are all sure to be a hit with the party guests. If the party has a theme, you could include items that match the theme. For example, if you are going put-put golfing, place one golf ball into each guest's party favour bag.

Other Items

Noisemakers are great party favours, especially at birthday parties. Most 9-year-olds still enjoy making a lot of noise. Whistles, plastic recorders, shakers, poppers, harmonicas and anything else that makes a tune or sound is sure to be a hit, especially if you let them accompany the singing of "Happy Birthday." Or, choose party favours that compliment the theme. A pool party, for example, could feature party favours such as fun sunglasses or blow-up pool toys, flip flops or even water balloons or water guns.

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