Party Game Ideas for 6-Year-Old Boys

Updated November 21, 2016

Create an exciting birthday party for your 6-year-old son by including an array of games to play. Party games keep the boys involved in the party, and by awarding prizes to the winners of each game, the boys want to play more. The games also provide a comfort zone for shy boys who want to make new friends.

Balloon Stomp

Blow up several balloons before the party starts. Tie a balloon to one of each player's legs using yarn. When you yell, "Go!" each boy has to run around to try to stomp and pop all other players' balloons. The last player left with a balloon that is not popped wins the game.

Candy Toss

Purchase metal, plastic or wood rings from a craft supply store. Place a large sheet on the ground and spread out several pieces of candy on the sheet. Let each boy toss five rings onto the sheet and try to ring pieces of candy. Any piece of candy the boy rings is his to keep.

Jump the Ball

Wrap a tennis ball in a piece of cloth and tie a long piece of string or rope to the cloth. Have the boys stand in a circle and get an adult to stand in the middle of the circle holding the string with the ball hanging. On "Go," the adult spins the ball at about ankle height in front of each boy. The boys have to jump the tennis ball as it gets to them. Any player who touches the ball is out of the game. Play until only one player remains; he is the winner.

Penalty Kick

Put a soccer ball about 10 feet from a soccer goal. Have all players line up in single file and prepare to kick a goal. However, they must kick the goal blindfolded. Blindfold a player one at a time and tell him to take about 10 steps and kick a goal. To make it harder, spin the boy three times before letting him kick. Let the players have at least three tries, and the boy who makes the most goals wins the game.

Sticky Tag

Select one player to be "it" in this game of twisted tag. On "Go," the "it" player has to run after all the other players and try to tag them. If a player is tagged, he has to hold hands with the "it" player and help him tag more players. Keep playing until all sticky players are chasing after one boy, who is the winner of the game.

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