Fun dinner party games

Updated March 23, 2017

Throwing a dinner party takes a lot of work, but with proper planning you can ensure that all of your guests leave full and happy. While the food is typically the main focus of a dinner party, there will be time between the meal and dessert or drinks where you will want to keep guests entertained. A good host will have a few fun dinner party games planned that will ensure that guests enjoy themselves.

Truth and Lies

Before the meal, place two slips of paper and a pencil on each guest's place. One of the slips of paper should say either "truth" or "lie," while the other slip should be blank. Ask guests to write either one truth or lie about themselves on the blank slip according to what the other slip says. Next, collect the slips that the guests have written on and mix them up, but allow them to keep the "truth" or "lie" slips. After the meal, serve the dessert, along with a random slip. One by one, guests read their new slip of paper out loud, then attempt to guess who wrote it and whether it's the truth or a lie.

Secret Message

This game is quite entertaining and can lead to some interesting conversations. Take a stack of note cards and write an odd statement, such as "My last birthday gift was a pony." Place one note card face down on each of the guests' plates. As they are seated, ask each guest to read his own note card silently. Explain that throughout the meal, they must at some point say their secret message. However, the goal is to work it into the conversation naturally. If one guest believes another has just said his message, he can say "Secret message," and that guest is out. To win, a guest must make it through the dinner, say his message once, and not get caught.

Just Don't Do It

Before dinner, decide on either an action or a phrase that is forbidden; for example, crossing one's legs, scratching one's head or saying "Really?" Choose something that is commonly done or said. Place a wine glass filled with marbles at each guest's place setting and explain to them what the forbidden action or phrase is. If one guest hears another doing or saying what's forbidden, he must say "Just don't do it!" and claim one of that guest's marbles. If a guest uses the forbidden phrase, but no one catches her, she can keep her marble. The guest with the most marbles in her glass at the end of dinner is the winner.

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