Progressive dinner party games

Written by alyson paige | 13/05/2017
Progressive dinner party games
Progressive dinner parties include good food and good times. (Dinner image by tgdusty from

Progressive dinner parties bring friends and neighbours together so they can enjoy each other's hearth and hospitality. As diners travel from one house to another, sharing food and company, engage them with games that work with the progressive concept. Learn about your fellow diners — and maybe about yourself. Offer food-related prizes for winners who luck out or outperform their companions.

Five-card Poker-No Draw

Progressive dinner party games
Play poker from one house to another. (poker image by Cyril Comtat from

Leave a bag with a full deck of cards at each of five houses in the progressive dinner party. Each diner draws a card at every house and does not show his cards along the way. Players show their hands at final house on the circuit. Standard poker hands apply. Award the best hand a homemade dessert or fresh-baked good.

Scavenger Hunt

Progressive dinner party games
Collect home items for a progressive dinner party scavenger hunt. (handmade soap image by Alison Bowden from

A progressive dinner party provides an opportunity to send guests on a scavenger hunt. Coordinate with diners in advance for ideas to place on a scavenger hunt list. Give diners a list of items to gather and activities to perform. Include things on a scavenger hunt, such as miniature soap, a pink wash cloth and a jar of horseradish, to name just a few. Ask guests to play hopscotch in front of one house and record it with a cell phone camera or video recorder. Give the winner(s) a gift related to a progressive dinner party theme. For example, if serving Mexican food, give winners a jar of homemade salsa or a bag of Mexican candy.

Truth or Dare

Progressive dinner party games
Meet your neighbours with Truth or Dare. (door 4 image by Dusan Radivojevic from

The game Truth or Dare usually offers chances for entertainment. Put a spin on Truth or Dare at a progressive dinner. Create a list of Truth questions and Dares in advance. Ask each invitee to suggest a question and a dare when they RSVP. Place a deck of cards in a bag. Ask guests to draw a card from the bag. (Divide the number of people to play at each house among the number of houses on the dinner circuit). The two or three lowest numbers play at each house. Include Truth questions, such as “Have you ever claimed that you cooked a food that you really bought?” Ask a dare, which might include knocking on a neighbour’s door and inviting her over for a drink or a snack.

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