Welcome Home Baby Party Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Bringing baby home is an exciting occasion that some couples celebrate with a "Welcome Home Baby" party. At parties of this type, friends and family have the opportunity to meet the new addition and congratulate the proud parents. Throwing a "Welcome Home Baby" party is also a good idea if the tyke in question--eager to enter the world--arrived prior to the baby shower. By throwing a party of this type, you'll ensure everyone has the opportunity to celebrate the new addition.

Baby Picture Decor

Because the baby in question has already graced the world with his presence, you can integrate images of his first days into your decor. Create blown up copies of the new tot's first photos and place them prominently around your party space. For many guests, these photos will be the first ones they see of the new arrival. And for Mom, these pictures will be a welcome reminder of the cutie that she has just added to her family.

Footprint Garland

Create a whimsical garland using the tiny footprints of the new arrival to add charm to your party space. Several days before the event, visit the new baby and take some impressions of her feet using paper and a standard stamp pad. Create copies of each impression on cardstock or another firm paper. Cut around each footprint closely. Lay out a length of string, and place the footprints running along it. Using tape, attach each print to the string. Hang your handmade decoration in your party space. Guests will likely "ooh" and "ahh" at the tiny toes on display.

Baby-Themed Cocktails

Because the mom-to-be can't drink, most traditional baby showers are dry. When hosting a "Welcome Home Baby" party, you can integrate some celebratory liquor, as the new mom is able to--and may be eager to--take a few sips of the alcohol she had to give up so many months ago. Select an assortment of cocktails to serve. Consider going with a pink-only bar if welcoming a baby girl and a blue-only bar if welcoming a boy.

Baby Size Guessing Game

At a traditional baby shower, all attention is on the mommy's sizeable baby bump. After the baby is born, focus guests attention on his dimensions instead. To play this game, give each guest a ball of yarn and scissors. Ask the guests to cut off a length of yarn that they think will fit perfectly around the baby's tummy. Using yarn of another colour, wrap a length around the baby and, with Mom's help, cut it to fit perfectly around his stomach. Hang this measured piece on the wall, and allow guests to venture up one at a time and see how close they were. Reward the guest whose yarn cut most closely matches the measured piece.

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