Mario Birthday Party Game Ideas

Written by jim radenhausen
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Mario Birthday Party Game Ideas
Mario fans can play Mario-inspired games at birthday parties. (Super Mario Bros - Copyright David Stott 2008 image by David Stott from

Nintendo's "Mario Bros." debuted in 1983 and has since remained one of the most popular video game franchises, with gamers enjoying the adventures of plumber brothers Luigi and Mario and their cohorts. Fans can enhance their birthdays by holding Mario-themed parties and playing a number of games that incorporate elements and themes from the franchise.

Avoid the Ghost

As Mario occasionally battles Boo Guy ghosts, party guests likewise encounter a "Boo Guy" in this game. With the host acting as a "ghost," players move around the room when the "ghost" has his back turned from them; however, players freeze in place when the "ghost" turns around and looks their way. Players exit the game if the "ghost" catches them moving, with the last remaining player winning.

Blooper Toss

During his water adventures, Mario often encounters squid-like creatures called Bloopers. In this party game, players divide into two teams and toss white "Blooper" water balloons back and forth. Following successful tosses, players take one step back and continue tossing. The game ends when a team breaks all of its balloons; the opposing team is the winner.

Find the Coin

In the video games, Mario collects coins to earn extra lives or replenish health. In this game, the party host hides a paper "coin" sporting Mario's face in a box. Once the game begins, players feel through a number of boxes filled with paper "coins" and other items. The first player to find the Mario "coin" wins.

Fireball Throw

Mario's most notorious villain, Koopa King Bowser, never tires of kidnapping Princess Peach (formerly Princess Toadstool) and trying to overtake Mushroom Kingdom. In this party game, players throw "fireballs" at a Bowser-shaped target. Players take turns throwing red balls at the target. The player that successfully strikes the target the most times out of 10 attempts wins.

Jumping/Hopping Contest

Players compete to jump the highest and the farthest, with the party host awarding small prizes to the top jumpers. When he's not jumping from obstacle to obstacle, Mario gets enemy creatures out of his way by hopping on top of them. With that in mind, players hop up and down through hula hoops in a hop-scotch-like set-up as fast as possible, competing individually or in teams as part of a relay race.

Save the Princess Obstacle Course

Much like Mario's missions in the Mario franchise, party guests try saving Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches in this party obstacle course. In their quest to rescue the princess, players crawl through and jump over objects such as bean bag chairs, empty boxes, a large "tunnel" box, large toys, and pillows. Along the way, Bowser---in the form of other guests---"attack" players and try slowing them down by throwing foam blocks their way. The host times players as they take on the obstacle course. The player that reaches the Princess in the fastest time wins.

Save Yogi's Egg

Dinosaur Yoshi, Mario's occasional accomplice in video game missions, has several trademark characteristics, including an egg that contains green spots. After decorating hard-boiled eggs with green spots, party guests divide into two teams and race each other to a finish line and back while holding an egg in a spoon. Players dropping eggs must start over from the start line. The team completing the relay first wins. For an alternative egg game, players divide into pairs and toss eggs back and forth to each other. Pairs catching eggs take one step back and toss the egg again. Pairs that drop an egg must exit the game. The last remaining pair wins.

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