Ideas for a Dad's 70th Birthday Party

Written by sarah schreiber | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a Dad's 70th Birthday Party
Seventy is a major milestone birthday. (lorbeerkranz 70 image by pdesign from

When your father reaches the milestone birthday of 70 years, commemorate this special time in life by throwing a birthday celebration in his honour. Make the event a time to show him how much he means to you and how grateful you are to have your dad in your life. During the party planning be sure to keep his interests and personality in mind, as not all party types are a good fit for everyone.

Through The Years

Regardless of whether you have a large gathering of friends or an intimate get-together with family, make the focus of your dad's 70th birthday party the high points of his life through the years. Decorate by hanging several pictures from his life in each decade. Ask guests beforehand to write down a special memory about him, a funny tribute or other piece of creative writing honouring your father. Try to recreate his favourite childhood dishes for a meal or use family recipes passed down through the generations.

Adventure Party

Many 70-year-old men still remain fit and active and may be beginning to enjoy the retired lifestyle. If your dad is the adventurous type, plan his birthday party to centre around an activity that he's always wanted to try. If he's always wanted to try skiing, arrange to hold the party at a ski resort, where he can start the day with a lesson before the party guests arrive. If the activity isn't something conducive to party planning, decorate the party location in an adventure theme. Present him with a gift token to try his activity.

Live Music

Music plays an important role in the lives of many people. If your dad has always been a music lover, hire a live band to play at his 70th birthday party. Come up with a set list of important songs from your dad's life. Be sure to ask the band ahead of time if they can perform the songs. Arrange for the party to be in a location with a stage and a dance floor. For a party favour, have CDs made up of all the original versions of the song for guests to take home.

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