Girl's 11th Birthday Party Ideas

The tween or preteen age range includes girls as young as 11 years old. Teen parties are too advanced, but kid parties are too young for the girls. Whether she loves the outdoors or prefers staying inside, you still can find party ideas for your 10-year-old's next birthday.

Sleepover Celebration

Host an all-night movie sleepover. Take your birthday girl to the video store and let her pick out a few of her favourite movies for the night. Encourage other girls to bring a copy of their favourite movie as well. Place sleeping bags and pillows in the living room for the girls who don't have their own. Fill bowls with popcorn, candy, pretzels and other snacks. The birthday girl picks the first movie, with the other girls voting on the next film. Show the girls how to make caramel corn or trail mix. If the honoree is interested in make-up, purchase cheap cosmetics and let the girls give one another makeovers.

Mystery Night

Throw a mystery night, where the girls work together to uncover the truth behind a mystery. Buy a murder-mystery kit that includes everything you need for the party, or create your own mystery. Pick a story that involves a favourite celebrity being charged with murder, or a similar story involving the theft of an actress's cell phone. Give the girls a list of suspects in the case and hide clues around the house. Each clue they find brings them one step closer to finding the person who committed the crime--but they must find all clues to uncover the answer.

Picnic in the Park

Center the birthday party around a park, particularly one with hiking trails, a playground or other outdoor activities. A state park, which typically has swimming, boating and other activities, is a good choice. Arrange food for the party in wicker picnic baskets, bringing both hot and cold dishes such as fried chicken, pasta salad and fresh vegetables with dip. The birthday girl picks the activities of the day.

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