Crafts Using Broken Glass

Updated November 21, 2016

Broken glass can be turned into unique works of art that catch not only light but the eye of any viewer. Transform colourful broken glassware or bottles to give the material a second life. Start a business to repurpose glass into unusual items or simply gather your family to make a conversation piece for your home.

Fused-Glass Art

Fused glass is exactly that: pieces of broken glass fused together using high heat from a kiln to produce glass art. If you are new to crafting or, more importantly, new the kiln, consider taking a pottery class or at least gathering information on the proper use of kiln. Find a glass or craft studio in your area that might introduce you to this craft.


Make mosaics with broken pieces of ceramic tile or glass. Create a pattern with broken pieces of glass secured in grout. Design a mosaic on plates, trays or wall art. You'll need some tools to cut and place your glass on the grout. Most craft stores sell mosaic instruction books and supplies.


Turned broken glass into unique pieces of jewellery after filing away any sharp edges. Wrap unique broken glass shapes in gold or silver wire to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins or earrings. Most large craft retailers dedicate one or two aisles to display jewellery-making materials.

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