Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Age 7

Updated February 21, 2017

Girls at age 7 usually aren't yet interested in boys, and same-sex parties are generally a hit. Take advantage of the all-girl atmosphere and fill the party with activities and games just for girls. Make sure each project will be easy for 7-year-old girls to complete, and that they're new and different from any activity the girls have done before.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

This activity is especially perfect for parties with a spa or makeover theme, but kids will enjoy it no matter what the theme of the party. It's also a suitable icebreaker. All the girls sit in a circle with several bottles of nail polish in the middle. The birthday girl chooses a bottle of nail polish and spins it. Whoever the cap of the bottle points to must quickly paint their nails that colour. Once that person is done painting her nails, she chooses a colour of nail polish and spins the bottle. The game continues in this fashion until everyone has painted their nails. An adult should supervise and provide assistance in case any of the players have trouble painting their nails or need help fixing a nail polish mistake.

Feather Pens

This craft allows girls to be creative and gives them something to take home from the party. Let each girl pick out two colours of sculptor's clay and mould them together with her hands until the clay has a marbled look, creating an interesting effect. Show each girl how to roll the clay around a pen neatly. Bake each pen in the oven at 121 degrees C for 10 minutes. Once the clay has cooled off around the pens, cut off small 1- or 2-inch pieces of a bright-coloured feathered boa. Show each girl how to hot glue a little piece of the feather boa onto the top of her pen. Girls should be delighted at this craft they made with little assistance.

Cupcake Decorating

Instead of having one large traditional birthday cake, consider baking a bunch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. Allow the girls to decorate their cupcakes any way that they see fit by providing them with a range of decorating supplies. For example, give them a variety of colours and flavours of frosting; sugar roses; M&Ms; sprinkles; cherries, strawberries and raspberries; and chocolate-covered raisins and nuts. Let the girls go wild selecting ways to aesthetically embellish their cupcakes and enhance the taste by selecting adventurous toppings.

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