Interior Brick Wall Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Interior brick walls evoke a timeless charm and their versatility allows them to complement almost any decor. You may have an interior brick wall in your city loft apartment, historic home or new suburban construction that you'd like to customise to your style. While a rough and dusty brick wall may intimidate some do-it-yourself decorators, you'll find that the seemingly stoic surface actually has a surprising range of possibilities. There are various methods for highlighting a brick wall's distinct quality and emphasising its stately presence.


As HGTV notes, an interior brick wall projects a sense of warmth and security. Placing lighting in strategic places enhances this quality. You can install track lighting on the wall to beam down and call attention to the surface. Track lighting can also come at the interior wall from an angle, to highlight shadows within the space between bricks. In lieu of track lighting, place standing lamps to call attention to the wall's height. Choose a lamp colour, like brass, that complements the brick. The handy homeowner can also install lighting directly into the surface of the brick wall. Another option is to install hooks or small platforms for candles for more natural lighting.


The iconic red of brick walls is usually either a deep, new red or an old-fashioned red that looks worn, with marks of white. If your home's style clashes with the traditional brick red or if you want to construct a bold individuality, paint the brick wall. If a room already has a significant amount of colour or an accent wall, paint the brick white to reduce its presence. Paint the brick black to give it a reflective quality and a bold colour to turn it into even more of a statement wall. Apartment Therapy recommends using a flat paint with a thick roller to apply the paint evenly. For a funky quality, paint patterns or alternate colours between bricks.


An interior brick wall can represent a stylish but vacant space. To counter this effect, add a shelf or faux mantle. Use the shelves to hold decorative items, such as photographs, artwork, clocks and flowers. A faux mantle adds an architectural dimension to the interior wall, breaking up the expanse of brick and providing a focal point to the room. Structured elements not only personalise the interior wall, but add depth to an otherwise flat surface. If you're not interested in painting your interior brick wall, structured elements are another way to add colour. Use naturally stained wood or painted pieces to achieve your desired look.

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