Denim & Diamond Theme Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Denim and diamond parties are the perfect parties for women to dress up yet still be casual at the same time. You can plan a denim and diamond party for couples or just for a girls’ night out. Plan a denim and diamonds Sweet 16 party for your daughter, a fundraising event or just a couples party.

Sweet 16

Plan a denim and diamond theme for a Sweet 16 birthday party, especially if only girls are attending. Make sure all the girls wear denim, but add some sparkles as well. For an activity, purchase some plain denim bags from the fabric store and some gems to hot-glue onto the bags. You may want to borrow or buy extra glue guns so that the girls do not have to wait to take turns with only one or two. Serve some fancier food such as petits fours, finger sandwiches and, of course, a cake with sparkly edible sprinkles.

Fundraising Event

Keep your budget low when planning a denim and diamonds fundraising party. Make centrepieces with clear glass bowls and add a variety of white and blue flowers. Ask your local floral shop for donations by telling them about your event. You can also purchase items that light up when submerged under water. Add these to your centrepieces for extra sparkle. Make your own inexpensive napkin holders by twisting jewellery wire into a circle and adding a fake jewel. Buying both the wire and the jewels in bulk will save you some money.

Couples' Night Out

Get together with a bunch of couples for an evening out without the kids. Tell them to dress up in their denim and diamonds so that it is casual but still feels like a date night out. Buy a large piece of denim at the fabric store and use it as a tablecloth. Look in the home decorating fabrics section to find a piece of fabric that is wide enough to cover your table. If you serve drinks, adorn the stems of the glasses with a string of faux diamonds. Add one different colour to each string so that everyone knows which glass belongs to whom. Mix blue (blue motorcycle or blue raspberry mocktail) or sparkling (Sprite or champagne) drinks to keep the denim and sparkling theme going. Keep the lights low and burn a lot of candles. The candlelight makes clear glassware sparkle as if filled with diamonds. Make a centrepiece or just small arrangements to place around the house by filling clear glass jars with clear potting stones (found at garden supply centres). Place a candle in the centre of the stones and watch them sparkle.

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