Ideas for Decorating Gift Jars

Updated February 21, 2017

Jars filled with sweet or savoury treats make delicious gifts. Decorated glass jars will give the gift an extra-special touch. Spice up a basic Mason jar with easy-to-use craft supplies and a little creativity. Customise the jar to coordinate with a party or special event theme, a holiday or the gift recipient's favourite colour.

Fabric Lids

Jazz up a plain glass gift jar using scrap fabric and a ribbon. As a creative touch, choose a fabric design to reflect the goodies inside the jar. Whimsical red and green pepper-patterned material will look festive atop a jar filled with dry chilli mix, while sweet candy-coloured fabric will enhance a jar filled with jelly beans or gumdrops. Wrap a grosgrain or satin ribbon or a piece of rustic twine around the lid and tie it into a bow to secure the fabric to the lid. For a country-inspired touch, glue fake or dried flower blooms to the fabric on top of the lid.

Painted Jars

Add a pop of colour and interest to a glass gift jar using acrylic paint, a small brush and whimsical stencils. Holiday-inspired designs, such as candy canes and Christmas trees, will look charming on jars filled with a gourmet hot chocolate or soup mix. Use heart and rose stencils to enhance a jar filled with conversation hearts as a romantic Valentine's Day gift. You also can personalise the gift jar by using letter-shaped stencils to create the recipient's name or a special message such as "I love you."

Customised Labels

A customised jar label will add a thoughtful, personalised touch to the gift. Create a message using a computer label template and print it on adhesive paper. The label can display any message, such as a couple's wedding or anniversary date, a birthday, a short love poem, a recipe featuring the jar contents, an inspiring quote or the recipient's name or initials. You can further enhance the label with charming designs such as flowers, hearts, cookies, apples, palm trees or seashells, depending on the jar contents.

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