The best places to meet rich men

Written by diane steinbach | 13/05/2017
The best places to meet rich men
Meeting a wealthy man often means being in the right place at the right time. (der junge businessman image by Alexander Raths from

One of the biggest causes of marital break-ups is financial stress, so finding a rich man to date and potentially marry makes sense to a lot of women. Ultimately, having common interests, goals and mutual attraction are all necessary for maintaining a relationship.To find a rich man, immerse yourself in his neighbourhood, social circle or learn a skill that may attract high-income participants.

Go Upscale

The best places to meet rich men
Shopping in upscale areas allows you to bump elbows with rich male shoppers. (rodeo drive sign image by Xavier MARCHANT from

Any medium to large city will have an "upscale" shopping area full of overpriced clothing stores and gourmet food shops. Even if you can only afford a pair of socks or an organic avocado, shopping in this district will help you meet the rich men who live nearby. Working at one of these shops guarantees you a legitimate opportunity to talk to male shoppers, which gives you the chance to impress him with your intelligence and style. Take a cooking class at a gourmet foods store to provide yourself with a few hours of interaction time to meet rich men or make contacts that can introduce you. Go to a wine-tasting event at an upscale restaurant or wine shop.

Invest in Charity

The best places to meet rich men
Charity golf events are held all over the country. (Golf cart on golf course image by Jim Mills from

Charity events like special dinners or sporting events provide a wealth of potential dating prospects, and you can meet these rich guys by attending or volunteering to work at the fundraiser. Bone up on the charity and what the funds are going toward; then meet and greet fellow attendees or start up a conversation while you register them for the golf game or race. Do some research on local, single wealthy men so you can recognise them when they come within range; then express your admiration for his work or contribution to the charity to break the ice.

High-Dollar Sports

The best places to meet rich men
Learn to sail to meet wealthy men with leisure time. (sailing image by david purday from

Rich men are often attracted to extreme or costly sports or adventures, so educating yourself on the ins and outs of sports such as sailing, Le Mans Racing and equestrian sports will give you something to talk about and help you to meet and relate to rich men. Invest in tickets to top-shelf sporting events or spend time learning or training for the sport itself. Running into rich sailors or wealthy horse owners at the dock or stable and being able to talk intelligently about their sport gives you an advantage over other potential dates.

Target Rich Dating Sites

The best places to meet rich men
Sign up for a dating site targeted to high-income singles. (office image by Lisa Eastman from

Although a little more obvious, the realm of online dating gives women a focused view of available rich men to date. Sites like "Millionaire Match" or "Wealthy Men" helps you to connect with local men who meet a minimum income requirement. Like any other dating site, the sites include information on likes and dislikes, a photo and an essay on what the potential date is looking for in a relationship, which allows you to contact men you want to meet in a safe way. High-quality sites may charge a fee for membership, but if you are serious about meeting a rich man and are savvy enough to find one looking for something more than a one-night stand, this may be the place to start.

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