Wrought Iron Working Tools

Updated April 17, 2017

Wrought iron can be worked into many forms such as stairway railings. The iron is only one of two irons --- along with cast iron --- that comes from the smelting process. Using the material for a project requires specific tools as well as a knowledge of how to use them.

Scrolling Tool, Cut 'n'Roll Tool and Scroll Benders

A scrolling tool marks a disc to the required size. The spring-loaded tool stops at the mark to maintain the same size for each scroll.

A cut 'n'roll tool uses 13 tons of shearing power for scrolling cuts up to 25-by-6 millimetre on flat iron or 10 millimetre on round bars.

Scroll benders do creative scrolling work on wrought iron. The three models available, Mk2/3, Mk 3/3 and Mk ¾, differ in both the size of material that the tool can handle and the size of the scroll. Hand drawn models are also available for projects that are more precise.

Master Twister, Master Punch and Shear Tool

Master Twister does not necessitate preheating of the metal for use and adds a decorative twist to the iron. Length of possible twists runs between 1 ¾ inches and 38 ½ inches.

Master Punch and Shear Tool makes holes for screws, nuts and bolts. An adjustable punch platform is also included with the tool in addition to a double acting push/pull lever and measuring bar. There are two cutting edges on the lower shear blade.

All-In-One Kits

Practical Workshop Version 1 is a complete set for beginning metalworkers. Rolling, bending, punching, shearing, scrolling and riveting functions are all performed with the use of heat or welding. Items in the workshop include a punch/shear tool, rolling/bending/riveting tool, scroll benders, rivets, nuts and bolts. The design and ideas book and the demonstration DVD give helpful guidance during the project.

Advanced Metal Manufacturing System works well for experienced metalworkers and people in the metal businesses that use heavier gauge metalwork for projects. An arrow pop riveting tool for tight quarters and scroll bender with tube-bending components are some of the system's included items. The Master Rolling/Bending/ Riveting tool does the work of three separate tools in one convenient package. Its end stop screw fitting makes circles or bends uniform in their dimensions. Maximum working capacities for each item of the system varies by which shape of wrought iron is used. As with the Practical Workshop Version 1, the Design and Idea book and an instructional DVD come with the system to provide tips.

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