3116 Cat Engine Specs

Updated July 19, 2017

The CAT 3116 marine engine is available in six models. The MG5050, MG5061, MG506-1, MG506A, MG507-1 and MG5061A range between 59.8 and 65.5 inches long; all are 33.8 inches high and 32.1 inches wide. They weigh between 85.7 and 159 Kilogram and perform at between 205 and 350 boiler horse power (bhp). All turn between 2400 and 2800 revolutions per minute (rpm).The various models all perform differently under different circumstances, but each of the 3116 variations have standard specifications.

Standard Engine Specifications

Each of the CAT 3116 engines is a four-stroke-cycle diesel engine with a 4.13-inch bore with a 5-inch stroke, a 402-cubic inch displacement and a 16:1 compression ratio. The flywheel end rotates counter-clockwise. The engine can hold 7.4 gallons of coolant and 6.6 gallons of lube oil, and the oil needs to be changed about every 250 hours.

Standard Equipment

The CAT 3116 marine engine has a dry-type, single-stage air cleaning air intake valve with a service indicator and a 12-volt, 51-ampere belt-driven alternator. Cooling is available for transmission oil, the heat exchanger, engine oil, auxiliary seawater pump and expansion tank. There is also a water-cooled exhaust manifold and a low water level contactor thermostat.The flywheel is an SAE Number 3, rear-mounted starter, and the fuel filter is a shutoff solenoid.The 3116 has a mechanical governor, an electric starter, a magnetic pickup tachometer drive, and a torsional vibration damper, and comes standard with an oil filter, filler and dipstick.

Optional Equipment

Each of the CAT 3116 marine engines can be accessorised with a number of options. For example, the rear flywheel may be replaced with an SAE Number 2 or Number 3 front-mounted starter. The air intake make be replaced with a walker airsep valve, and the alternator may be replaced with a belt-driven alternator at 24 volts and 35 amperes; 24 volts and 60 amperes; or 12 volts and 105 amperes. The lubrication system may be geared toward a left-handed user or it may be replaced with a top-access system, and an elbow exhaust may be added, in addition to a cruise kit. A rear-routed fuel control cable bracket may be added, as may a fuel cooler and priming pump. Various instruments are available, including a service meter and single or dual instrument panels. A power take-off may be added, and oil pressure and water temperature devices are available.

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