Mr. Bean Dress Up Games

Written by david koenig
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Mr. Bean Dress Up Games
Mr. Bean has a jacket made of tweed. (Tweed Fabric Pattern Background image by James Phelps from

Mr. Bean, the awkward, eccentric Englishman created by comedian Rowan Atkinson, first appeared on TV in 1990. Since then, his bumbling antics have entertained viewers all over the world.

The gangly character, with his familiar tweed jacket, red tie and slightly too-short trousers, has lots of potential for costume games for Mr. Bean fans of every age.

Bean at the Beach

This game comes from the first ever episode, when Mr. Bean goes to the beach and tries to change into his swimsuit without being noticed.

You need two or more people. Each person needs trousers and a pair of shorts or swimming trunks.

The aim of the game is to put the shorts on over the trousers, and then remove the trousers without taking off the shorts. Whoever does this fastest wins. Accompany with suitably silly music for extra laughs.

Adults can make the game harder--and naughtier--by removing underwear, too.

Bean and the Box

This idea comes from "Mr. Bean Goes to Town," when Bean has difficulty adjusting his new TV antenna. His ingenious solution involves wearing the box around his middle and stripping, and then rearranging his clothes on a chair to fool the antenna into thinking he's sitting down.

This game needs two or more players. Each wears the Mr. Bean shirt, tie and trousers (they may have undershirts), and needs a box large enough to fit around his body and a chair.

Each player steps through the box, holding it around his middle, and has to take off his shirt, tie and trousers without revealing his underwear. Keeping the box in place, he must rearrange his clothes on the chair, with the chair legs through the trouser legs, and the shirt and tie wrapped around the back of the chair. The fastest wins.

Bean and Friends

This game uses Mr. Bean and other characters that appear in the TV series, including the animated show.

The game requires two or more players and an impartial judge. In the centre of the room, you need a pile of dress-up clothes, enough for at least one costume for each of the following characters: Mr. Bean (shirt, tie, trousers); girlfriend Irma Gobb (wool hat, round spectacles, dress); landlady Mrs. Wicket (nightie, hairnet or curlers); Teddy (bear suit or simply bear ears and a brown furry jacket).

To start each round, the judge names a character. Contestants race to find the clothes from the pile, and the first to put on the correct costume wins the round. Have as many rounds as you like, but remember to mix up all the costumes before each one. For added entertainment, blindfold the contestants.

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