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Yin Yang Yo! is an animated Disney television show that began in 2006 and airs in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In it, two rabbits, Yin and Yang, are in training under the guidance of panda master Yo to become Woo Foo Knights and save the world from evil. They battle enemies along the way, including evil cockroaches. Disney's website offers free games based on the television show, as do other websites.

Flip Flop Foo

"Flip Flop Foo" is available on the Disney website. Yin and Yang must travel to the Mystical Realm of Grossness and clean it up. You play as either Yin or Yang and can destroy various trash items in the realm, such as fish, garlic, and old shoes. The gross items either contain rewards or villains whom you must battle. You use the keyboard to control the characters. If you max out the Gross-O-Meter, you lose.

Crouching Panda Hidden Rabbit

"Crouching Panda Hidden Rabbit" is also available on the Disney website. This is a timer-based, side-scrolling game in which you, as Yang, must get through a series of tasks by pulling switches, navigating levels and defeating enemies.

Woo Foo Workout

"Woo Foo Workout" is available on the Disney website as well. You play as Yin, who must do a series of tasks to earn points and defeat enemies while retaining health. You choose a weapon for Yin and blast villains, but must avoid hitting Yo, the panda, or you will lose health. You play this game using the keyboard.

The Evil Cockroach Wizard

You can play this game on a Yin Yang Yo! fan page, In "The Evil Cockroach Wizard," Carl is a cockroach who has taken a potion to make him giant and is on a rampage through town. You must help him trample through the forest and get to town before the potion runs out. It is another side-scroller in which you navigate Carl with the arrow keys and press the "S" key to smash items in his path while avoiding monsters.

Rabbit Rivalry

"Rabbit Rivalry" is another Yin Yang Yo! game which is available to play for free on various websites online, including ActiveGamez. This is a point-and-click game in which you play as Yin or Yang, who must jump from one platform to another and destroy enemies to complete their training.

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