Grants for Victorian Homes

Updated February 21, 2017

Victorian homes reflect the era in which they were built; it's important to save these structures for their historical value. Victorian homes that have some type of national or local significance may qualify for grants that are administered by national organisations, including the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

National Trust Preservation

The National Trust Preservation provides both public agencies and non-profits with funds for the restoration or preservation of historic structures. These grants fall into the category of planning and education or emergency preservation. The planning and educational grant is a matching funds grant; organisations can receive between £325 and £3,250. These funds can be used to seek advice from consultants, create a preservation plan or create educational programs. This includes obtaining advice from a professional about how to restore a Victorian home or creating a restoration plan for a Victorian home. The emergency preservation grant funds can be used for structures that need emergency repairs, including historic Victorian homes.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

1785 Massachusetts Ave. Northwest

Washington, DC 20036-2117


Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund grant is given to public agencies, individuals, and non-profit and for-profit organisations looking to refurbish or conserve historic interiors; these grants can also be used to recreate historic interiors. This grant can be used to restore the interiors of Victorian homes or to recreate the interior so that it better reflects the look of a classic Victorian home. Grant amounts range from £1,625 to £6,500.

This grant is only open to structures that are currently listed on the National Historic Landmark registry. Funds may be used to bring in consultants and create promotional materials. These funds may also be used to produce educational or promotions videos, and to create educational programs.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

1785 Massachusetts Ave. Northwest

Washington, DC 20036-2117


Save America's Treasures

The Save America's Treasures program is administered by a consortium of several governmental agencies, including the National Park Service and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. This grant is open to private and public institutions of higher learning, school districts, local and governmental agencies, non-profit organisations, and tribal governments. The goal of this grant is to save historically important structures, archaeological sites and significant academic and cultural collections; it can be used to save historically important Victorian homes.

Grant funds can only be used to preservation projects; these grants must be matched on a one-to-one basis. For collection projects, applicants must request at least £16,250; historic properties must request at least £81,250. The maximum request for all grants is £455,000.

Historic Preservation Grants

National Park Service

1201 Eye Street, Northwest (2256)

Washington, DC 20005


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