Mah Jong Quest: Kwazi's Quest Hints

Updated April 17, 2017

Released in 2007, Mah Jong Quest Expeditions is the Nintendo DS take on the classic tile-matching game. Game developers chose to mix up the generic rules of gameplay in this hand-held version. In one large portion of the game, Kwazi's Quest, players must use their touch-screens to solve 64 unique Mahjong puzzles.

Puzzle: Shake, Rattle and Roll

This board puts a tricky spin on traditional puzzles. Players must make a match every 12 seconds, or else the board reshuffles its tiles. There is no real consequence for slow matching, but players may find it makes the game more difficult to complete.

Puzzle: Tri Tri Again

Match tiles in sets of three in this board, in lieu of pairs. Completion of this board depends on the matching of the "yin-yang" tile with both of the "hat" tiles.

Puzzle: Through the Looking Glass

Flipping the puzzle board is key in this particular set-up. Using the menu icons comes in handy, and helps you dig through the large stacks of tiles. Flip the board after every few matches. The power tiles in this board are the "magnet," "swap," "copy," and "typhoon."

Puzzle: Double Triple Towers

Focus your efforts on clearing stacks right away in this puzzle. Flipping the board will help immensely, as finding a number of the matches will be difficult. The power tile in this puzzle is the "balloon."

Puzzle: Final Triumph

Throughout this puzzle, try to spread your matches across the board and work on all stacks evenly. In the beginning, matches are few and far between. After a bit, you will notice an increase in matches. Play this one carefully because it is very easy to find yourself with no matching tiles at the end.

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