How to Key Bind on MOHAA

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The fist-person shooter "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" is the third instalment of the "Medal of Honor" video game series. The game received a 9.3 out of 10 rating from the IGN staff. Players have the ability to customise "MOHAA." For instance, you can bind and rebind commands to different keys by using console commands, a feature casual gamers may overlook.

Click "Options" on the main menu of "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault." Click "Advanced," then click to put an "X" into the box next to "Console" to enable key binding in the game. Click "Back" to return to the main menu, then launch any game mode.

Press the "~" key (to the left of the "1" key) to bring up the console, where you will type the command that will bind keys.

Type the following command: bind key "command." Instead of "key," press the key you want to bind (without quotes); and instead of "command," type the command you want to execute (in quotation marks). For example, bind a "leanright" will make the "a" key perform a right-lean.

Press "Enter." The command will be saved to the key. You may need to press the "~" key again to dismiss the console. Now, when you press the bound key, you will perform the designated action.

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