Types of Ledger Fishing Weights

Ledger fishing weights and rods are used for catching bottom-dwelling fish. The weights are heavy and sit on the bed of the river. No floats are used for bite indication. Feeder weights can be filled with ground bait for attracting bottom-feeding fish like carp, chub, bream and barbel.

Maggot Feeders And Bombs

Also called blockend swimfeeders, maggot feeders are a type of weight that have small plastic containers attached to them for holding maggots. Such weights are shaped like small barrels with rounded tops that opens via hinge. The small barrels are dotted with holes for maggots to writhe through, which attracts fish. The tops of these feeders have small loops for attaching the line.

One of the most common ledger weights is called a bomb, previously known as the Arlesley bomb. Bomb weights are teardrop-shaped with rounded bottoms that taper upward, forming a narrow head. The top of the weight contains a loop or swivel for attaching the line. These weights can weigh .25 to several ounces.

Open End Feeders

Open end feeders, also called swimfeeders, are similar to maggot feeders in that they are small containers with numerous holes. Open end feeders differ from maggot feeders as they do not have hinged tops but rather contain open ends. The tops of the feeders contain loops or swivels for attaching the line. The containers are shaped like tubes and are packed with ground or mashed bait. Ground/mashed bait is utilised to keep the bait inside the tube during casting, as live worms, sweetcorn and other bait would be otherwise flung out of the tube. Try mixing maggots or other bait with the ground bait to attract fish.

Cage Feeders And Method Feeders

The cage feeder is a type of fishing weight that is also tube-shaped. Instead of using a series of holes like the maggot and open end feeders, cage feeders look like small plastic cages. Like the other types of weights, they contain a swivel or loop for attaching the line. Use ground bait with this type of weight, as it allows the bait to slowly come out and into the water, thus attracting fish.

Method swim feeders get their name from carp anglers who developed them. The feeders were so apt at catching carp they become known as "the method" for catching this type of fish, according to the Pleasure Fishing website. These weights are banned in many fishing areas. Push ground bait into these feeders. They are pear-shaped with a swivel for attaching the line.

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