Policies for elderly care

Updated November 21, 2016

Elderly care policies for assisted living facilities, adult day cares, and other organisations that provide health care services to the elderly exist to protect the health and safety of the seniors and the health care professionals who work there. These facilities are required by law to meet state and federal standards for health, safety and care.

Service Requirements

Elderly care facilities identified as assisted living or long-term care facilities must provide certain services to residents in order to maintain their state certification.

These can include, but are not limited to: housekeeping, laundry, meals, social services, security, health services and 24-hour staff. Adult day care facilities must provide, at a minimum, meals, social activity and adequate supervision.


Elderly care facilities in all states must keep resident's information and health records on file, as well as care notes, medical information, and signed agreements pertaining to each resident. State laws vary as to which types of documents must be kept and for how long.

Health Standards

Elderly care facilities must meet state and federal health standards in order to maintain their license. Regular health department inspections of food-preparation areas and overall facility cleanliness are conducted. Code violations are noted by health inspectors and must be addressed or corrected within an allotted time period.

Alzheimer's Care

Facilities that provide Alzheimer's care exclusively or in addition to traditional senior care must comply with state and federal policies relating to security, use of patient restraints, patient-visitor access, and related policies and procedures.


In addition to maintaining certifications for health care workers, senior health care facilities must comply with federal OSHA requirements for blood-borne pathogens, electrical safety, emergency plans of action, fire safety, personal protective equipment, and other requirements, depending on state laws and the type of services provided by the facility.

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