List of summer jobs for kids aged 13

Updated July 14, 2018

Every summer, teenagers around the country trade school books and homework for time cards and paychecks. Summer employment gives teenagers an opportunity to make a little money, keep busy during the summer and learn responsibility. Some types of jobs require employers to enact age restrictions because of safety or legal issues, so finding a job can sometimes be a struggle for younger teens. However, 13-year-olds can still find ways to make money during the summer.


No labour laws establish a minimum age for babysitting. Thus, babysitting is an ideal job for 13-year-olds, states To find babysitting jobs in your area, ask neighbours, your parent's co-workers or family friends who have small children to hire you as their babysitter. Companies like Our Sitter help babysitters and nannies age 13 and over find babysitting jobs all over the country. Experience helps in any job, so if you have younger siblings or cousins, ask if you can babysit them to gain some practice. Earn first aid and CPR certification and take a babysitting class in your community to make yourself even more marketable.

Our Sitter

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Survey Taker

Because many teenagers spend hours online, online survey panels can be a source of extra money. According to, 13-year-olds can join online survey panels and make money for taking surveys. Online panels like Survey Payoff allow anyone with Internet access to receive surveys via e-mail and get paid for each completed survey. Some survey companies pay a certain dollar amount per survey taken, while others assign surveys a certain point value and allow panellists to redeem the points for cash and other prizes.

Survey Payoff

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Golf Course Jobs

For 13-year-olds who like to be outside, golf course jobs fit the bill. Many golf courses hire younger teenagers for jobs like golf caddie, cart attendant and ranger, according to These golf course jobs often require no experience and pay minimum wage, but they may also come with perks like free golf. The best way to find golf jobs is to check your local golf courses' websites or ask in person. The PGA also operates a website to search for all golf-related jobs.

PGA Job Finder

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



Since many companies and businesses cannot hire anyone under 14 years old because of labour laws, young teenagers mioght prefer to start their own businesses. Lawn-mowing, pet-sitting, house or car cleaning and tutoring are just a few jobs 13-year-olds can do on their own, states Jobs for Teenagers. Put ads in the local paper or hand out flyers to family members, friends and neighbours to spread the word around about the business.

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