The Top Ten Least Stressful Careers

Updated April 17, 2017

While there probably aren't many jobs that are 100 per cent stress-free, there are certainly some jobs that are less stressful than others. Whether you're contemplating a career change or deciding which career path to take, it's important to think about how your career will affect the overall quality of your life. Stress can be directly linked to numerous health and mental conditions, so a career with a small amount of stress can be beneficial in many ways.

Jobs That Make a Difference

The most rewarding jobs are those that allow you to make a difference in the world or in the lives of others, hence the lower amount of stress.

Special education teachers are generally very satisfied with their jobs according to a University of Chicago study. In fact, this study found that more than 70 per cent of these teachers responded positively when asked whether they were very satisfied with their jobs.

Physical therapists were also extremely satisfied with their jobs, as 78 per cent of physical therapists replied positively to the question. Physical therapists often work with patients who have sustained injuries to specific parts of their bodies and must strengthen those parts in order to function normally.

Individuals with careers in the clergy have also been found to be very satisfied with their jobs. Spirituality plays a role here and has been connected to stress relief. Spirituality gives people a sense of purpose or meaning and allows them to release more control of problems rather than trying to carry them all on their shoulders.

Psychologists answered that they were very satisfied in their jobs in the same University of Chicago study. Psychologists help patients overcome emotional problems or barriers through the use of conversation and reflection, along with many other tools.

Low-Risk Jobs

Risk nearly always involves stress. For instance, when a surgeon operates on a patient, there is a risk of severe injury or even death. Jobs that are very low-risk often cause less stress.

Librarians are typically in quiet, peaceful settings where there is zero risk other than the possibility of a paper cut. Most librarians have a love of books, which means they're surrounded by things they enjoy. This creates a more positive work environment and reduces stress.

Musical instrument repair workers have a similarly low level of risk in their jobs, as do piano tuners. Both of these jobs are typically quiet jobs performed in environments that are peaceful and soothing.

Jobs Related to The Arts

Artistic jobs tend to be therapeutic and rarely stressful. In fact, many professionals recommend art therapy for stress relief. For this reason, individuals who are able to make a living with their art tend to be less stressed than others.

Painters, sculptors, crafters, illustrators, and similar artists are able to find self-expression in their jobs, which reduces stress. It should be noted that popular artists such as musicians, actors, and authors who are high demand can often be more stressed than others. With touring dates, deadlines, and other demands, these would not be classified as low-stress careers.

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