Archery Clubs in Exeter, UK

Updated April 17, 2017

The town of Exeter has several archery clubs for all ages. Local secondary schools and the University of Exeter have archery clubs that train beginners and organise tournaments, while working adults can join the city's archery club. Joining a club gives archers the chance to improve their skills, enter competitions, and meet others who enjoy the sport.

Exeter Company of Archers

The Exeter Company of Archers is the city's main archery club, with lessons and coaching to train archers. It is connected to the Grand National Archery Society, which organises Olympic teams and provides insurance to cover archers during club meetings and tournaments. (See Ref. 2) The Exeter Company of Archers has approximately 70 members, whose skills range from beginning to advanced. Archers in the club practice at Exeter School's facilities, and some enter regional competitions.

University of Exeter Archery Club

Students and staff at the University of Exeter can join their university's archery club for a small fee, which gives them the chance to meet fellow archers and compete. By joining the University of Exeter Archery Club, they automatically become members of the Grand National Archery Society and enjoy its benefits too. The club has three training times per week, including a beginner's course for the first six weeks of fall term. Members can participate in the club's social events and competitions.

Yelverton Bowmen

The town of Plymouth is less than 35 miles from Exeter and is home to the Yelverton Bowmen. The group consists of approximately 50 members, who welcome archers aged 12 and up regardless of skill level. People new to the sport of archery can take a six-week beginners class with the club. Some members compete at regional events, while others prefer to shoot for fun exclusively during club gatherings. The Yelverton Bowmen typically meet three times a week for shooting sessions.

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