Silent Auction Prize Ideas

Written by lanh ma | 13/05/2017
Silent Auction Prize Ideas
Restaurant gift tokens are excellent silent auction prizes. (eating outside image by Charlene Bayerle from

Silent auctions are an effective, low-investment way for organisations to raise money while another fund-raising event is going on. The key to making silent auctions profitable is to ensure that there are many desirable goods up for display. Finding the right combination of items for your silent auction is the key to a successful event.

Gift Tokens for Local Restaurants

Offer a combination of gift tokens from both fine restaurants and casual restaurants. This can pique the interest of people who enjoy unique dining experiences as well as that of people who simply like to eat out from time to time.

Offers of Service

If you are fund raising for a cause and do not have many goods to offer, ask volunteers to donate services. Services like lawn maintenance, airport transportation or car washes can be offered in the form of certificates or tickets, and the services will be provided by a member of your organisation.

Gift Baskets

You can draw attention to a table with gift baskets. These attractive and noticeable baskets can help bidders discover other less eye-catching items on the table such as gift tokens. Choose a wide variety of gift baskets, ranging from those that contain fine foods to those that feature colourful toys.


If your community has theatres, ask for donations of tickets to local theatre productions in exchange for publicity about the event. Musicals, plays and symphonies are all excellent opportunities for silent auction prizes.


Canvas your organisation for crafts that the members like to do. Rag rug making, jewellery making and woodworking are just some of the crafts that can turn out useful prizes for the silent auction. You may choose to allow the artist to offer commissions as prizes as well, where they will make an item to the specifications of the auction winner.

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