Sun Catcher Crafts for Kids

Written by mary davis
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Sun Catcher Crafts for Kids
Sun catchers glisten in the sunlight. (a glass cat suncatcher image by Jeannine Comeau from

Kids delight in making and displaying a colourful sun catcher craft. When hung in a window or outdoors, sun catchers glisten in the sunlight. Kids of all ages can make the crafts from glass, plastics, tissue paper and other materials, including recycled items. They can use different kinds of paints and techniques to make sun catcher crafts.

Painted Plastic Recycled Sun Catchers

Gather clear plastic lids, bottles, picnic plates, cups and other plastic items.

Kids can paint designs, faces or words on one or several of them. Hang the painted crafts separately or in a vertical line to create interesting sun catchers. The crafts can focus on a theme, such as bugs and butterflies.

Waxed Paper Creations

Provide a large folded sheet of waxed paper for each child. Open the folded paper and work on one half so the other half can fold over the crafted area. The kids can scrape crayon shavings, drop paint with an eyedropper or spread glitter glue onto the waxed paper. Use a warm iron to press the craft until the waxed paper sticks together. The craft materials will also spread out into interesting designs.

Older kids may choose to trim the craft into a shape such as a heart or star after the waxed paper cools.

Cookie Cutter Cellophane Shapes

Provide a variety of cookie cutters to be the base for these sun catchers. Children should trace a cookie cutter shape onto coloured cellophane paper and cut out two copies of the shape. Use clear plastic tape to attach a cutout shape to each side of the cookie cutter. Tape a length of string to the top edge of the craft. Kids can tie several shapes onto a clothes hanger for a sun catcher mobile or hang the shapes separately.

Younger children may choose to simply wrap the cookie cutter with cellophane and tape the ends to hold. The cookie cutter will show through the cellophane in the sunlight.

Sun Catcher Crafts for Kids
Cookie cutters provide a base for cellophane suncatchers. (cute small cookie-cutters isolated on white background image by Bettina Baumgartner from

Beaded Sun Catchers

Clear and translucent pony beads make colourful sun catchers. Older kids can use graph paper to plan a design. Plan how many lengths of clear plastic lacing you need for the design. Cut the lacing strips and tie the top edge over a dowel stick, pencil or straw. Lay the craft out flat and thread beads onto the lacing to create the desired design. At the bottom of each lacing strand, tie the lacing around the last bead.

Younger children can string beads onto clear plastic lacing and tie the lacing in a circle for easy beaded sun catchers. The colours of the translucent beads can match a seasonal theme for the simple circles.

Clear Transparency Sheets

Cut theme or seasonal shapes from transparency sheets. Kids can use glass paints or permanent markers to colour the shapes. Use clear tape to fasten a loop of string to hang up the craft. Children can also glue yarn onto the transparencies to divide sections and make the sun catcher look like stained glass.

Sun Catcher Crafts for Kids
Clear transparency sheets can make stained-glass look crafts. (stained glass image by pearlguy from

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