Flowers for Gravesites

Written by alex smith
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Flowers for Gravesites
Leaving flowers at grave sites can help offer peace to the living and the dead. (grave marker image by pearlguy from

Leaving flowers on a grave site is an act of remembrance and respect of the deceased. It also helps to ease the pain of the living left behind. Flowers that are fitting to leave on a grave site may be chosen for meaning, colour or be the favourite flower of the deceased loved one.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers created from silk or other fabrics are a suitable choice for graves, as they can withstand the weather and last longer than live-cut flowers. Artificial flowers are flexible, easily positioned and are available in bright colours and combinations. Synthetic flowers are a common choice because they are less expensive than regularly purchasing fresh cut flowers.

Flowers for Gravesites
Artificial flowers often come in colours that rival flowers found in nature and are long lasting. (flowers & pebbles image by Vanessa van Rensburg from


Roses beauty and grace to a grave site. According to The Flower Expert, red roses represent love, devotion and convey deep emotion. White roses represent purity and innocence. Pink roses represent admiration, joy and gratitude. Roses also come in the colours orange and yellow, which add additional colour and meaning to a personalised bouquet of assorted flowers.

Flowers for Gravesites
Red roses represent undying love and devotion. (red rose and rose-petals image by NatUlrich from


According to Flower Info online, violets are a flower that represents reverence for the dead. Violets are a symbol of peace, spirituality and imagination. The purple hues of violets are majestic and add a touch of beauty and class to grave sites. Violets also have a nice light scent, and are useful in foods and perfumes.

Flowers for Gravesites
Violets are treasured for their scent and royal purple colour. (garland from violets image by Ivonne Wierink from


Carnations are typically attributed to mothers. However, the flowers known as carnations hold many various meanings. White carnations signify purity, faithfulness, charity, beauty and love, which are qualities that can symbolise the memory of a deceased loved one.

Flowers for Gravesites
Carnations are simple flowers that come in many lovely colours. (carnation image by Chris Loneragan from


Forget-me-not flowers have varied stories relating to messages of either Christ or a lover. Forget-me-not flowers are light and blue in appearance and are a sweet, yet peaceful flower. They remind the living to never forget loved ones who have passed away. Forget-me-not flowers are also a fitting choice for fallen soldiers and veterans.

Flowers for Gravesites
Forget-me-nots are treasured for their light blue colour and attributed meaning. (forget me not image by Alison Bowden from

Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers, such as Birds of Paradise, orchids or spider lilies make colourful additions to graves. Opting to choose flowers not for meaning, but their attractive colour makes the floral arrangement stand out and creates a sense of vibrant energy. Bright colours can help those in mourning and remembrance of the dead to engage in a lighter mood, contributing to an uplifting atmosphere of typically solemn graveyards.

Flowers for Gravesites
The Bird of Paradise flower is very exotic and a colourful cheery addition to a grave site. (Bird of paradise image by Jan Ebling from

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