Ideas for Decorating Little Kid's Wagons

Updated February 21, 2017

When it comes to kids, nothing is better than using imagination, play and learning. Decorating anything for a child is fun, and often they love to be little helpers and put their own input into the project. It is also a way to bond with your child and a successful educational opportunity. Several options exist to decorate a child's wagon for any occasion.


Take a simple red wagon and transform it to a wedding-worthy display, where the little one can take part in the wedding. Purchase or custom build a canopy bouquet frame that will go over the top of the wagon. Decorate with white organza and wedding flowers such as hydrangeas, hibiscus or stephanotis. Wrap all of the decor with satin, bridal silk, tulle, ribbons, pearls and bows. This will definitely impress the wedding guests.


Halloween is when the decorating and transforming can really be creative, allowing for just about anything imaginable with a little bit of work. A simple Halloween wagon decorating idea is "Hundred Acre Wood." Wrap a string of plastic fall leaves around the wagon and make a tree trunk out of construction paper. Place the tree trunk on one corner of the wagon. Add some leaves on the tree trunk and finish it off by writing "Hundred Acre Wood" on a cut out piece of construction paper. Two other fun ideas for Halloween are a circus tent or a pirate ship. They make serve as accessories for the kids' costumes and help in transporting all that candy.

Fourth of July

During the Fourth of July, there are lots of parades and fun activities that families can take part in together. This is a perfect time to get creative and be festive. Wrap American flag banners around the wagon and tape a flags on the corners. Add streamers and other patriotic elements to the wagon and march in a kids' parade.

Cinco de Mayo

For Cinco de Mayo, wrap some homemade paper flowers made out of red, white and green tissue paper and attach to the wagon. You can use other bright, cheerful colours as well.

Just For Fun

Kids just want to have fun; there does not need to be a reason to be joyous and decorate their wagon, so do it whenever you want. Decorating their own things allows for self expression and creativity. Work with your child's imagination and personalise a wagon with stickers, banners, flags and homemade decorations. Incorporate elements of whatever your children are into at the time, like trains, castles, boats or aeroplanes.

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