Ladies' party game ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Ladies’ social gatherings are good opportunities for game playing, and many groups use games to break the ice. There are tons of game ideas for parties that range from loud and boisterous to the more thought provoking, and virtually everyone likes playing them. Whether needing activities for a quiet tea party or a backyard barbecue, you can find games that interest just about anyone.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

Ask party attendees to bring their purses to the party. Before the party begins, write the letters of the alphabet on slips of paper, fold them up and place them in a plastic bowl. As you pull them out of the bowl, call the letter out. The partiers have to look through their purse to find items that begin with the letter you pulled from the container. The person to find an item and raise it over her head first should win a prize. Play the game a few rounds or through the entire alphabet if you like. Alternatively, you could use Scrabble letters if you did not want to take the time to cut the slips out.


When guests arrive at the party, give each of them a clothespin to attach to their shirt. Give a funny rule that will be challenging to adhere to. For example, rules like “you cannot cross your legs” or “do not say the word party” are good examples to use. If a party attendee is caught saying the word or performing the forbidden action, the person who sees it can claim the pin. The partier who collects the most pins at the end of the party wins.

Her Favorite Things

When women get together, it is usually because one woman is celebrating something. This game celebrates the guest of honour but involves every guest. Before the party, interview the guest of honour. Ask her 20 questions from basic to more detailed, and write down the answers. Some questions to ask are “What is your job title?” or “What was your first pet’s name?” Give the guests a chance to shout out the answers. The person to get the most answers correct wins a prize.

Ring the Bell

Before your party, place a hand bell on a table in a central location. As guest arrive, give them a list they have to fulfil. Write on each list 10 of the same questions. These should include items like “who is the oldest person at the party?” or “who has the most children?” Guests have to run and ring the bell after they find every answer.

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