Self-employed van driving jobs

Updated February 21, 2017

People who own and drive a van can make a living by using their vehicle and driving skills to do different jobs every day. Independent van drivers have a variety of jobs and clients who pay them for everything from shifting furniture to delivering goods. Having enough of these clients can make independent van driving a profitable business for the self-employed.

Independent removals

Independent van drivers can make their vehicle and services available to help people move house. If a van driver is interested in this form of work with his van, he will need to post a classified ad online or in a local newspaper. Drivers will not have as much room in their vans as the average removal lorry, so more trips will be needed, which may cost the van driver more money in fuel. Drivers will also need to become proficient at packing their vans efficiently.

Taxi van

Vans can be converted into comfy, multi-person taxis. Most taxis are owned independently by the drivers and they must buy a formal licence from the local council. Van owners can apply to include their vans in a taxi company's fleet or can get licensed themselves and drive people from place to place independently. However, these taxi licences are often expensive, especially in major cities, so partner with an established taxi company that can direct fares to your van regularly.

Delivery driver

Companies and individuals often need items delivered from one place to another but don't want to send them through the post or specialised delivery services. This is where an independent van driver who advertises can make money. If a letter or contract needs to be delivered to the other side of a city, a company needs to have an independent van driver on call to make a few deliveries when necessary. These independent van drivers must make contacts with a number of different businesses who may need their services, ranging from solicitor's offices to flower delivery and pizza companies.

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