Silk Flower Making Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Silk flowers are a practical, beautiful and inexpensive decoration for any room in the house. Handmade silk flowers are easy to create, and the supplies cost very little. Although silk is the most common fabric used for making handmade artificial flowers, almost any type of craft fabric can be used.


Silk is the primary fabric used in making artificial flowers. However, for leaves, stems or other detailed portions of flowers, use fabrics such as cotton or polyester to create varying textures and thicknesses. Silk is available in many colours, which makes it ideal for creating the soft petals of flowers. Buy enough silk to replace any ruined flowers or fix errors in the creation of a flower.

Scissors and Other Tools

Scissors are necessary for cutting fabrics to size. Craft scissors have sharp blades that won't tear the silk. Additionally, wire and wire cutters are very useful in creating silk flowers, because the wire can be used to hold the petals in place and create a stem for the plant. Plastic tubing can be used in place of wire for stems. Hot glue and a glue gun are used to attach different portions of the flower.

Workspace Necessities

In addition to scissors and glue, some silk-flower makers use a fork and spoon to bend and shape silk into petal shapes. Clear, fast-drying glue, floral tape, cardboard and a needle and thread are also used in adding the final touches to silk flowers. Ample workspace is important--ensure that the table has enough room for all of the silk flower-making supplies, as well as space for creating the flowers.

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