Things to Do With Empty Bottles

Updated April 17, 2017

Before you toss those empty bottles into the recycling bin--or, worse yet, throw them away--consider recycling them with an easy craft project. These simple ideas are beautiful and inexpensive, and will inspire you to look at empty containers in a whole new light. Finish off those beverages and get crafting.

String Vase

Repurpose a glass bottle of any size into a colourful textured vase. Multicoloured worsted-weight cotton yarn works particularly well for this project. Cover the bottom inch of the bottle with plain white glue and start wrapping the yarn slowly around it. Push each row closely against the row before it, using a toothpick if necessary. Spread glue onto the bottle an inch at a time and continue to wrap until you get to the lip of the jar. Rub the glue onto the inside and outside of the lip and fold felt or bias tape over it. If you plan to pour water into the jar, a strip cut from a plastic bag also works well.

PET Bottle Coin Purse

Cut off the bottom third of two plastic soda bottles and attach them to create a coin purse. According to the Design Students for Rent website, the two halves can be attached using a zipper. Simply hand-sew one side of the zipper to each bottle with durable coloured thread or clear fishing line to create a container for your valuables.

Bottle Cap Refrigerator Magnets

Don't forget about the caps of those plastic soda bottles. Make them into a cute flower magnet by gluing them together. Start with a bottle cap in one colour and glue six caps in another colour around it. Lay your flower on a piece of felt and trace it, then cut out the shape. Glue the felt to the flower and glue a plain magnet onto the felt. Draw a face on the central bottle cap with a permanent marker or paste on googly eyes.

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