Murder Mystery Games for Over 20 People

Updated November 21, 2016

Murder mystery games are party games typically played in the host's home. You can purchase games in boxes or download them from the Internet. While most games are formatted for 6 to 10 players, some companies offer games that can be tailored to groups of 20 or more. In murder mystery games, the guests play suspects and sleuths trying to solve the mystery by examining evidence revealed over the course of the event.

Dial Us for Murder

Dial Us for Murder offers highly customised murder mystery games for both children and adults. Since games are tailored for each party, you can throw any size party you desire. As the host, you choose a party theme; your guests RSVP with a completed questionnaire in which they choose the character they want to play. Custom roles are then created for each guest. Dial Us For Murder writes party scripts based on available themes, in traditional, fantasy, gothic, and other categories. They will also write on a custom theme.

Pool Party Murder Mystery

Pool Party Murder Mysteries are written for up to 28 characters. Each player takes the role of a "suspiciously wacky" mystery character, while enjoying a luau-themed party. Characters can play victims, suspects, or the detective. The set cast includes humorous characters, such as, "Miles Long, the free spirited cabana boy," "Lefty Lagoona, the pineapple picker," and "Ruby Diamondhead, the penny pinching accountant." Party kits include host guides with a party overview, party suggestions, and silk leis; invitations with character descriptions and guest "do's" and "don'ts;" and guest dossiers with tasks, name tags and costume suggestions.

Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games

Dinner and a Murder Mystery games offer a wide variety of options for parties of 20 or more. Their parties include themes such as "The Immortal Murders," perfect for a Halloween party; "Death by Chocolate" for a girls night in; and "The Santa Clause," for holiday parties. Themes are also available for more conservative or risqué groups. Games include quirky characters and amusing situations, and a convenient online RSVP system. Party kits include character booklets, host guides, game money, evidence, weapon and whodunit cards, and more. Online resources include suggestions for menus, decorations, and costumes.

Whodunnit Mysteries

Whodunnit Mysteries offers two mystery games suitable for more than 20 people. "Death Leaves on Track 13" is set in 1909, on a train ride across Europe. Guests--cast as master spies, moderators, and teams of spies--attempt to discover who killed poor Ivan, the last person in possession of a stolen formula. "Death Sails on the Oceania" is set in 1943, on a passenger liner sailing from Nova Scotia to Portsmouth, England. The ship is carrying gold, classified messages, and secret weapons.

The Murder Game by Dave Hunt

The Murder Game is designed for 6 or more adults. One guest is designated the murderer; the others are all potential victims. The murderer must kill as many victims as possible, while the victims must both try to stay alive, and discover the murderer's identity. While you can play this game with more than 20 players, you must provide a large enough house to accommodate them, preferably one with multiple stories.

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